ThinkGizmos TG22 portable ice maker review

ThinkGizmos TG22The good:
  • Small and compact in size
  • 26 Lbs of ice
  • 3 sizes of ice
The bad:
  • Is super loud



Every time we need ice, we take the long route of going to the corner store and getting it. However, technology has now given us an edge by providing kitchen top ice makers which are sleek and portable at the same time. The ThinkGizmos TG22 Ice maker machine is top of the line when it comes to this category.

It is small and compact in size which is ideal for using it in your kitchen or taking it away with you on your boat or even an aircraft. If there is an electric supply, this little beauty will go with you. Not only will it go with you, it will provide you with 26 Lbs of ice in one day which is a lot for the size of the unit.

One of the best features is the size of ice it can produce. It can produce 3 sizes of ice which include small, medium and large depending upon your requirement. If you need to refresh yourself with a large mug, you can use the large ice size cubes. Moreover, it takes only takes 6 minutes in order to make one batch of ice. This means that you never run short on the supply of ice as you can get a fresh batch in 6 minutes only and that too with the ability to hold large amount of ice.

There is no need to call an expert or a plumber in order to fix this ice making machine in your kitchen. It is a plug and play unit which you can turn on yourself without even reading the manual. It comes with a one year warranty but the unit can remain operational for a long period of time even after that initial year.

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