Which Portable Ice Maker Do I Need?

A typical ice-making machine can provide a range of varied uses for a typical household. However, since diversified families and household structures are the fundamental norm of modern society, no single ice-making machine model can adequately cater to every unit’s individual needs. When looking intothe best portable ice maker, a certain amount of time and effort should be entirely devoted to unpacking or assessing each household’s unique needs, and figuring out which model and make provides the best fit accordingly.

Primarily assess why it is that your household unit might require such a machine. Do you reside in swelteringly hot climates, and the region calls for a bucket of ice to assist every shower now and then? Is your family unit large or sociable, regularly visiting the beach for outdoor picnics, or arranging adventurous hiking trips?

Does your typical schedule call for all manner of hosting duties; from work related-parties, to children-oriented activity mixes, or outdoor barbecues?

Otherwise, is a convenient ice-making machine placed over the kitchen countertop an average accessory deemed necessary every now and then?



For the families that tend to enjoy the outdoors, portable ice-makers are no less than heroic saviors.

Leading models such as DELLA 048-GM-48185 or the Hamilton Beach Portable Ice maker exist as go-to choices for the families that might arrange spontaneous
hiking trips. Both are reasonably priced below $180 each, and offer conveniently-packaged features within compact, portable models. Available in a range of enthusing colors, from sky-blue, sunset-orange, to ruby-red; these machines allow you to produce safe, clean, fresh, and reliable ice on the go. Moreover, the user-friendly controls can be used easily by any member of the family.

Quite similarly, the Gourmia GI-110 is a small, compact number, weighing a mere 21.4 pounds, and carrying maximum storage capacity. The easy-to-understand LED screen makes the entire process of making ice short and simple, yielding a fresh batch of on the go under 10 minutes. Priced at $123, this is a noteworthy contender when it comes to conveniently sized and packaged ice-makers.

Igloo ICE103

Igloo ICE103

The Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S packs a heavy-powered punch by holding the capacity to produce up to 26 pounds of ice per day. The portable piece boasts automatic overflow protection to prevent leakages, and churns out fresh ice in less than 6 minutes. Priced at $109, this machine is available in three classic hues, and offers up to two separate cube-sizes.

Alternatively, you might not wish to opt for a portable number. If so, the Igloo ICE103 is a stainless steel model which promises three separate options for cube sizes, and can hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice at any point in time. This countertop machine is a remarkable option for households that tend to host indoor events more frequently than outdoor excursions. Priced at $113.30, this ice-maker can produce a fresh batch of ice within 6 minutes – perfect for when the guests begin to flood indoors and require punch refills.

Moreover, countertop models come in unique, sleek designs, and somber, impressive colors – perfect for adding a flair of style within any kitchen space.


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