Hamilton Beach portable ice maker review

Hamilton BeachThe good:

  • Ice cubes in 3 sizes
  • 9 ice cubes in just about 6-8 minutes
  • 25 lbs of ice in one day
The bad:
  • Poor build quality



We all know the importance of ice in our home especially when we need to wind off after a tiring day or event. This is why we need a portable ice maker that goes nicely with our kitchen top. This is why many people chose the slick stainless steel Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker in black color. This is one of the best ice makers available in the market.

Since it is compact in size, it can be placed anywhere in the house. This even includes storing it in your car while travelling or your boat while vacationing. Who doesn’t like a cold drink when watching the sun go down in a natural setting? The machine is capable of producing ice cubes in three sizes which includes small, medium and large size.

One of the best features of this unit is the amount of ice it makes and the time it requires to do so. It has a fast freezing technology which will give you 9 ice cubes in just about 6-8 minutes which will solve the problem initially for you. In the longer run it provides you with 25 lbs of ice in one day which is far more than what a family of four will need in one day.

It is a high efficiency unit which saves you a lot of money in electricity bills due to its superior technology. Moreover, specially engineered parts ensure that the ice making operation is sound less so your environment is not disturbed. The electronic panel has touch buttons and ice indication that is very easy to use.

Regular maintenance is very easy as it is a plug and play unit. Moreover it also has a self cleaning option that makes it even easier for the unit to be cleaned from inside. Order this sleek design beauty now and never have a warm drink ever in your life. It comes in black stainless steel color which will go with almost all your kitchen appliances and decor.

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