DELLA 048 GM 48185 portable ice maker review



The good:
  • 26 lbs of ice a day
  • 2 sizes of ice
  • It comes in four different colors
The bad:
  • It’s not a quiet machine


Since we no longer live in the Stone Age, our ice cubes comes from a machine rather than a glacier. Moreover, those days with big ice making machines are also gone. Modern technology has given us portable ice making machines. One machine that is top of its line is a small portable DELLA 048-GM-48185 Electric Ice Maker Machine.

It is small and compact in size which is ideal for using it in your kitchen or taking it away with you on your boat or even an aircraft. If there is an electric supply, this little beauty will go with you. Not only will it go with you, it will provide you with 26 Lbs of ice in one day which is a lot for the size of the unit.

One of the best features is the size of ice it can produce. It can produce 2 sizes of ice depending upon your requirement. If you need to refresh yourself with a large mug, you can use the large ice size cubes. Moreover, it takes only takes 6 minutes in order to make one batch of ice. This means that you never run short on the supply of ice as you can get a fresh batch in 6 minutes only.

The unit even indicates that the ice has been completely made and therefore you need to empty the unit. This is a dual indication which indicates that you need to fill it with water for the next batch of ice cubes. The product has been certified by ETL, csa and UL. Order this bad baby now and never have a warm drink ever in your life. It comes in four different colors in order for you to choose what theme you are going after in your room or t he leather of your RV/boat.

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